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  • Why Now Is the Time to Buy
  • How to Avoid the 10 Most Costly Buyers' Blunders
  • 10 Things You Need to Know NOW - Before You Buy!
  • An Essential Step-by Step Guide that Will Save You Thousands
  • How to Buy a House You Can Actually Afford

"There's never been a better time to buy a home than right now.
Michael's Before You Buy! is a must-have if you want to do it smart, do it safe, and with real success!"
Barbara Corcoran - Real Estate Expert - NBC’s Today Show

Thinking of buying a home? Not sure what to do in Today’s Market? Then you need to read Before You Buy! It’s the essential, must-read survival guide for everyone thinking about purchasing a house in today’s real estate market. Before You Buy! is the no-hype, straight talking, indispensable step-by-step guide to understanding this market and purchasing a home … safely, sanely and at a price you can afford.

Homebuyers have seen home values make enormous swings both upward and downwards over the past ten years. The thought of jumping into home ownership today can be terrifying. One mistake can result in thousands of dollars in unnecessary higher costs, fees, expenses, and bottom-line prices.

Before You Buy! offers a precise roadmap that all future homeowners need. It gives them the no nonsense, hype-free, and practical information to buy smart, buy safe, and buy for less! It presents the information, tools, proven methods, expert advice and insights from top real estate professionals: Jim Gillespie: CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Suze Orman, Barbara Corcoran and Jean Chatzky of NBC’s Today Show, Donald Trump and many more. Before You Buy! takes the fear and guesswork out of this seemingly overwhelming process.

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I have been looking for a house now for at least one year, but I never quite knew what I was looking for.I had so many questions and I felt that I was bothering my agent and it appeared that either she didn't know the answers or she was unwilling to give them to me. After reading this book it became very clear to me as to what I needed to do and look for when beginning a search for a house. This book is excellent!!! Now when I talk with my agent she seems surprised that I know so much. This a great investment for anyone looking for a home, Thanks for a wonderful book, Don't buy a home without it!!!!!!!!!!
-V.T, Rubin

This book is a gem. I've managed to collect a decent number of real estate books in the past few years while thinking about buying and not knowing when it's truly the "right" time. BEFORE YOU BUY contains exactly the kind of information I can't seem to get elsewhere. It's chock full of advice, insider tips, and step by step strategies that anyone can use to navigate the murky waters of real estate today. Best of all, it's HONEST. Michael conveys his knowledge in a straight-up, down to earth, tell-it-like-it-is manner that's so refreshing. I get tired of the Trumps and Kiyosakis of the world. I haven't yet pulled the trigger on buying just yet, but with BEFORE YOU BUY in my hands now, I feel so much more informed and empowered.
-Lawrence Karasek

THANK YOU MICHAEL CORBETT! "BEFORE YOU BUY" Is a Life Saving, Bank Account Saving Handbook - That makes buying a home easy and fun like it should be. You saved us thousands and thousands of dollars and months of time. You make buying a home easy and stress free. My wife and I did not know where to begin in the process of buying, and your book is step by step and covers everything! It makes Buying A Home Fun instead of scary. THANK YOU!!
-S G. T "Happy Family"